Thursday, January 29, 2009

Interview with Archbishop Burke

Photo of Hilary White and Archbishop Raymond Burke in Rome.

Click here for Hilary's exclusive interview with Archbishop Burke, at LifeSite News.
A document of the US Catholic Bishops is partly to blame for the abandonment of pro-life teachings by voting Catholics and the election of the “most pro-abortion president” in US history, one of the Vatican’s highest officials said in an interview with

“Archbishop Raymond Burke, the prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, named a document on the election produced by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops that he said “led to confusion” among the faithful and led ultimately to massive support among Catholics for Barack Obama.
More tough talk from LifeSite:

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  1. Abortion may be a sin, but it is not the central doctrine of the Catholic church.

    Fortunately, the Holy Father has pointed out that there are a few other paragraphs to the CCC. There is some comfort from those Catholics who give some attention to those others.