Saturday, March 07, 2009

Photo of Saint Patrick Church, in Grafton, Illinois

Saint Patrick Roman Catholic Church, in Grafton, Illinois, USA - exterior at sunset

Saint Patrick Church, in Grafton, Illinois, of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois.

According to a monument at the church:
For many years the Catholics of this vicinity had no church to worship in. Missionary priests came irregularly. Masses were held in various buildings, homes, and the Methodist Church. During the Depressed times of Ireland's famine these Irish families immigrated to Grafton to seek employment in the five stone quarries. The quarries employed 2,000 men 1,000 of whom were Irish immigrants. Due to the increasing Catholic families in  Grafton the Germans and Irish decided on erecting a church built of native stone. There was a dispute on where the church should be built. A compromise was made; the church was erected here because the majority of Germans resided in upper Grafton, and the church was named as such in honor of the many Irish families. The first Mass was celebrated on Dec. 8, 1871 which was the feast of the Immaculate Conception. After restoration of the interior, damaged by the 1993 flood, it was rededicated by Bishop Daniel Ryan on March 19,  1996.

Plaque Erected Spring 1997.

Saint Patrick Roman Catholic Church, in Grafton, Illinois, USA - stained glass window

Grafton is a popular tourist destination, located at the confluence of the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers.

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