Monday, March 30, 2009

Saint Elizabeth Academy

Saint Elizabeth Academy, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA - old exterior door

The old entrance to Saint Elizabeth Academy, in Saint Louis.


  1. Thanks for the suggestion!

    I took this leaning out my car window.

  2. It is awesome. I graduated from SEA in 1976. I used to know every nook & cranny in those buildings. Mark, if you have opportunity to return for more photos, I would suggest the statue of the Blessed Virgin in the courtyard; also, photos of the white, rock wall surrounding the parking lot. We weren't supposed to leave the premises during the school day--but many a time we 'jumped the wall' and made a bee-line to the Jack-in-the-Box on Grand for tacos.
    I also was born/raised/schooled/worked at and married in St. Francis de Sales. I was also a liturgical organist there for many years. The view of the church interior from the choir loft is exceptional for photography. I've since attended masses (esp. Christmas Eve midnight mass)there...the Latin mass took me right back to sitting in those pews as a school girl. For this South Side Dutch gal, it was coming home. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your photography....keep it coming. Thank you.

  3. lmc79m
    I graduated SEA in 1994. I also suggested to Mark that he see if they will let him inside to take pictures of the stained glass left from the old Chapel, in what is the music room (assuming it is still there).

    It would be cool if he good inside shots as well as there is a sad rumor going around....

  4. Mark, when I was very young I remember going to a bakery that was across the street from a school where a sign saying it was the home of the fighting dutchmen was posted. Wonder if you or lmc79rn may know where that was and if the bakery was still there????