Thursday, May 07, 2009

Photo of Old Saint Bridget's Church in Saint Louis

Old Saint Bridget of Erin Roman Catholic Church, in Saint Louis (old Kerry Patch neighborhood), Missouri, USA - now chapel of Central Catholic St. Nicholas School and Academy

This is the old Saint Bridget of Erin Church, in the old Kerry Patch neighborhood of Saint Louis, Missouri, built in 1859, and closed as a parish in 2003. It is now the chapel of the Central Catholic Saint Nicholas School and Academy.


  1. I am always impressed by the lovely blue sky in your photos!

  2. Chase,

    Sorry, I don't have interior photos. I found this church while driving through the neighborhood, and didn't request permission from the school to get inside.


    Digital cameras usually overexpose skies, turning them white or cyan. I usually override the camera's exposure to be sure the sky looks good.

  3. The church cathedral is even more beautiful. Interestingly, the basement served as a temporary interment from the old cemetary at St. Charles street in 1860 until the graves were moved in 1955 to a mass grave at Calvary Cemetary. There is so much history from old St. Louis that is difficult to find.

  4. The church is being demolished. The front of the church came down today. My wife took pictures of one of the smaller steeples coming down. Sad.

  5. Church is being demolished this week. My wife got pictures of it today as the small steeples were taken down. You can see the on her facebook page for archangel photography st. Louis.

  6. Beautiful. Too bad it was destroyed by a careless City Hall.