Thursday, November 19, 2009

At the Riverfront

Riverfront in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA - bronze sculpture Captain's Return and Eads Bridge at high water

The bronze sculpture, The Captain's Return by Harry Webber, is largely submerged in the Mississippi River as the water approaches flood stage.

The statue dates from 2006 and commemorates the 1803-1806 Corps of Discovery expedition through the newly purchased Louisiana Territories.  In the background is Eads Bridge, completed in 1874; although a financial failure, constructed at great personal cost, the bridge is noted for its many innovations.


  1. Why in the world doesn't someone move that statue to higher ground and stop risking floating debris from damaging it?

  2. We cross the JB frequently and the water is at typical springtime highs. The water overflows to fields in IL up until the levee stops the flow, of course. It could be 5-10 ft deep I think, the overflow. The sandbars north of the bridge on the IL side are well submerged of course.