Thursday, November 12, 2009

“Support a Catholic Speaker Month”

MATTHEW AT Fallible Blogma posted the results of his “Support a Catholic Speaker Month”.  He writes:

First there was the Favorite Catholic Speakers Poll of 2009 where over 3000 of you voted (results here). From that sprang Support a Catholic Speaker Month. The goal was to create a rising Catholic tide on the internet that lifts all boats (websites, speakers, and all those who participate) by having a different Catholic blogger write about and/or interview each of the speakers. The result is a sudden influx of catholic content and interlinking between Catholic websites that raises awareness about all of these great Catholic speakers while also promoting the many wonderful Catholic blogs out there that perhaps you haven’t heard of yet either.

I re-post his results here:

Your Favorite Catholic Speakers of 2009 Results and their supporting blog posts :(Matthew 20:16)
Even more Catholic speakers (nominated after the poll):
More of Matthew's commentary on this is here.

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