Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gateway Arch, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA - lights shining upward

Lights which illumine the Gateway Arch.


  1. would you be willing to share a comment or two on the new plan to recreate the Arch grounds and the pedestrian access from the city across I-70?

  2. A year or so ago, I visited an exhibit at the Landmarks Association of Saint Louis on some preliminary proposals for the Arch. There were some good ideas, but nothing really was exemplary in my opinion. Here are the results of the final competition: I haven't reviewed it yet.

    I've been to a few local architectural competitions lately, and my general impression is that of sameness. In my opinion, academic architecture is largely trapped in a rut, while typical commercial and residential architecture evokes little else but cheapness.

    In my youth, I considered a career in architecture, but the thought of five more years of college killed that idea. I always had trouble staying alert in class......!