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Photos of Saint Joseph Church, in Highland, Missouri

HERE ARE PHOTOS of Saint Joseph Church, in the village of Highland, Missouri. The church is located about 87 highway miles southeast of downtown Saint Louis, in Perry County.

Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church, in Highland, Missouri, USA - view from back

A large monument in front of the church tells of its history:
One in the Lord
St. Joseph Parish


June 11, 1910

-- Fr. Martin Mary Gregory, C.M. was the Founder
-- The land for the Church and Hall was donated by Simon J. Lukefahr, Sr. and wife Frances.
-- The wood for construction was given by Frank Emmendorfer.
-- The Church was built by men of the parish --
especially Henry Schumer, Vince Bey & Wendelin Behile.
-- The organ was donated by the Children of Mary.
-- The Stations of the Cross were given by the Blessed Sacrament Sodality.

Our Parish Hall

    Mid 1920's -- The Parish Hall was built under the direction of Fr. John Taugher, C.M.

Our Parish Church and Cemetery

    The Church and Cemetery grounds are composed of three parcels of land. Land for the Church & Church Hall was donated by Simon J. Lukefahr, Sr. and wife Frances on June 11, 1910. The first parcel was given to the parish, but deeded to St. Mary's Seminary. A second parcel for the parish Cemetery was donated by William Meister and wife Agnes on Dec. 3, 1910. Finally, a third parcel was given to the parish in the name of St. Mary's Seminary by Clarence J. Lukefahr and wife Martha on July 23, 1941.
    St. Mary's Seminary sold the land for the Church and Hall and the third parcel to the Archdiocese of St. Louis on May 10, 1965. The remaining parcel for the Cemetery was sold by the Seminary to the Archdiocese on May 25, 1965.

Our prayer is “that the One who began the good work in you [us] will continue to complete it until the day of Christ Jesus” Philippians 1:6

Donated by Gary J. and Delores M. Welker
Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church, in Highland, Missouri, USA - statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary

A shrine to Our Lady is behind the church. The plaque reads:
Our Lady's Shrine is
dedicated to Mary the
Mother of God by all the
parishioners of St. Joseph
Parish of Highland, MO.

It is dedicated in
remembrance of all those
who have preceded us, to
those currently striving for
sanctification in this parish,
and to all future members of
the parish who will carry on
the work of teaching and
living the Catholic Faith.

Dedicated Sunday,
August 14, 2005
In honor of the
Assumption of Mary

O Mary conceived
without sin,
Pray for us who have
recourse to thee!
Click here for map to parish.

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