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Photos of Saint Maurus Church, in Biehle, Missouri

HERE ARE PHOTOS of Saint Maurus Church, in Biehle, Missouri. Located in southern Perry County, this church is about 88 highway miles southeast of downtown Saint Louis, in the southernmost part of the Archdiocese.

Saint Maurus Church, in Biehle, Missouri, USA - exterior

A brief history of this church, according to the Mississippi Valley Architecture website:
In the 1850s, a log church was built on land donated by Maurus Biehle, and staffed by C. M. [Congregation of the Mission or Vincentian] fathers. In May, 1869, a new stone church was dedicated for the German Catholic parish, and in January, 1870, Father Joseph Hellwing became the first full time priest. Later addition to the stone church under Father A. M. H. Acker. Still later Father Denner added the fresco, and later yet steam heat was added. In 1925, a tornado took the roof off, and destroyed the windows and temple. When the church was repaired, the old steeple was replaced by a new cupola shaped spire.
Saint Maurus Church, in Biehle, Missouri, USA - nave

Photo taken on December 31st, 2010, during the Octave of Christmas; the church interior has been redecorated in recent years. A closer view of the crèche is here.

According to the 2010 Status Animarum, this parish serves 308 Catholics.

According to one history, Biehle is
...a small village in the southern part of Cinque Hommes [prob. a corruption of Saint-Cosme] Township. A post office was established here in 1876 and named for the Biehle family. Joseph Biehle came from Baden, Germany, in 1839 with the original colony; his son Maurus Biehle came to the store of his uncle Moritz Biehle, and worked there until he purchased a large farm near the present location of Biehle.
According to the 2000 federal Census, the village of Biehle has 11 souls.

Saint Maurus Church, in Biehle, Missouri, USA - sanctuary

Festive Christmas decorations. This parish shares its pastor with nearby Saint Joseph in Apple Creek; Mass in Latin is offered here on some Saturdays: check the parish bulletin for details.

Saint Maurus Church, in Biehle, Missouri, USA - sign

Saint Maurus (a.D. 512-584) was the first oblate of Saint Benedict of Nursia (the founder of Western monasticism). Maurus is said to have founded the first monastery in Gaul and was known for his great holiness of life and as a wonder-worker.  His feast day is January 15th, and among other things, is patron against cold and of cobblers.

10198 Highway B
Perryville, Missouri 63775

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