Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Warning to Schools that are "Catholic In Name Only"

THE MOTLEY MONK discusses a case where the National Labor Relations Board has declared a college "not Catholic", because of a lack of clear hierarchical control and faith formation. It stated that the school is basically secular.

This is not a good precedent, but unfortunately this lack of Catholic identity is our own fault. Please be aware that the principle of "Separation of Church and State" sets up a high wall which is determined solely by the State, and the Church has absolutely no power to determine where the wall is placed. The doctrine also assumes a low-church Protestant ecclesiology.

The time to repudiate the Land O'Lakes Declaration — which led to the secularization of Catholic colleges — is now. Also it is time to start getting on board with Ex corde ecclesiae, a Papal mandate requiring orthodoxy in Catholic theological teaching at universities.

Obviously the State will do whatever it wants, but we mustn't give it any excuses.

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