Monday, September 19, 2011

"Theological Aspects of Beauty and Art"

MEET ME this Friday, when I talk about art and beauty:

September 23
Doors Open 6:30 pm / Speaker Begins 7:00 pm

"Theological Aspects of Beauty & Art"

Please join us this Friday, when Mark Abeln, speaks to us on Catholic tradition in art (classical and medieval), the virtue of art, and the traditional definitions of art and beauty.

A native St. Louisan and Catholic convert, Mark Abeln is a professional photgrapher, and has also been writing about Catholic culture since 2004 in his online blog, Rome of the WestWhile taking photos of some old churches, Mark became aware that his poor-qualtiy photos did not do justice to these worthy subjects, and so he was inspired to learn the art of photography, and the role of religion in contemporary culture.  This ultimatey culminated in the publication of Fr. William Barnaby Faherty's book Catholic St. Louis: A Pictorial History, which featured hundreds of Mark's color photographs of area churches.

Coffee, Cappuccino, Espreso & More!

Catholic St. Louis: A Pictorial History
will be available for purhase!

 No Cost - Goodwill Offering Appreciated!

Woodstone Plaza


  1. Hi Mark. I enjoyed your talk last Friday. I am curious to know if you have encountered the essay by Tolstoy entitled "What is Art?". He perceived the question to be a religious one, as I believe you do also.

  2. Another I might recommend (somewhat in contrast to Tolstoy) is the writing of Pavel Florensky.