Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Kansas City Catholic

See the new blog Kansas City Catholic by Wolftracker, which, by the way, is an excellent pseudonym, if you remember that wolves kill sheep. Good commentary on National Catholic Reporter's recent hit piece on the return to Catholic tradition in Kansas City. Found via the Curmudgeon's Cave.
Both blogs above are from Kansas City. Just for amusement, here is a typical Kansas Citian's attitude about Saint Louis:
"Kansas City, not St. Louis, is the largest city in the state of Missouri, although admittedly the St. Louis metro area is larger, but this is because it includes older, and more established surrounding counties. Unlike St. Louis, Kansas City has been named in numerous surveys as one of the nation's most livable cities; and Kansas City recently ranked higher than St. Louis in Kiplinger's "Smart Places to Live" survey. Kansas City also has more affordable housing and lower business costs than St. Louis. And even if St. Louis calls itself the "Gateway to the West", Kansas City's Westport has much pioneer history also. Although St. Louis has more corporate headquarters, Kansas City is less dependent on smokestack industries. Kansas City is also a beautiful city, with its wide boulevards, and many fountains, while St. Louis has more of its beauty in decay. And although the Kansas City music scene is younger than St. Louis', it is clearly more authentic, especially in Jazz. Likewise, race relations are better in Kansas City than St. Louis."
Here is a typical Saint Louisan's attitude about Kansas City:
"Kansas City is in Missouri? Are you sure? I always thought it was in...Kansas."


  1. Thanks so much for your link to Kansas City Catholic. Yes, the nom de blog (wolftracker) is a reference to tracking the wolves that seek to harm the sheep. Wolftracker, is already a regular reader of Rome Of the West, and has particularly enjoyed the tour of parishes in that Archdiocese. Great photography. The high altar picture of the St. Francis De Sales Church is the desktop image on Wolftracker's computer. ROTW readers are always welcome at Kansas City Catholic.

  2. Wolftracker,

    Enjoy the photos, it is my pleasure to provide them. Good luck with your blog too, I enjoy reading it.