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Here are some photos taken at an immigrant rally in Seattle: It is fascinating what is shown here, especially since this isn't what was shown on the TV news. Some examples of what is seen in these photos:

Posters of Communist revolutionary Che Guevara
International Socialist Organization
"Dump the U.S. Flag"
Palestine Solidarity Committee
Freedom Socialist Party
Latino Liberation Movement
Radical Women
"We didn't cross the border, the border crossed us"
"No more blood! No more borders!"
"Permanent residency for all of the undocumented"
Socialist Workers Campaign
"The workers struggle has no borders"

It seems that some people want to start a revolution, but I didn't see any of these signs on TV; I just saw people waving Mexican and U.S. flags; I wonder why this was censored?

Elsewhere I've written that there are plenty of people who want to keep immigration illegal—typically employers wanting cheap labor—while these rally organizers, socialists, want an oppressed population in order to continue their Marxist class conflict. Both groups will benefit if these immigrants remain illegal: no one will work cheaper than those outside of the system, fearing capture, and no other group could be considered more oppressed, always remaining outside of the law.

Modern immigration reform was started by Teddy Kennedy in 1964, and the results of those reforms were not what was promised. We shouldn't be too surprised if the current round of reforms goes arwy also. Too many people benefit by the status quo, and those same people would benefit more if the illegal population increases, or if illegals are driven further underground.

Finally, we should realize that there are people who want to the make the U.S. poor, and this immigration crisis can be used to that end. Others want to destroy the U.S. from the inside, and they are organizing the immigrants to that end. Then there are the George Soroses of the world, who have an unknown, but well-funded, agenda,

The real problem however, exists in Mexico, and that is where real reform is needed.

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