Monday, June 19, 2006

Neo-Nazi Satanists Set Off Bombs in University City; News Media Yawns

See the article: U. City neighborhood calm after threats, crude bombs
Police are patrolling the streets and residents are remaining calm in a University City neighborhood of several Orthodox Jewish families that has been the target of threatening letters and homemade bombs.

Karen Aroesty, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, said four letters were left on cars the week of June 6 in the neighborhood just to the north of Delmar Boulevard between Old Bonhomme and North and South roads, which has four synagogues. The letters appeared to be photocopies and said, "We are the people your mother warned you about," and "We know your every move." They were signed, "The People," and had "666" at the bottom.

Though the neighborhood has several Jewish families, a Catholic family in the 8100 block of Balson Avenue received one of the letters. A resident of the home, who did not want her name used, said a swastika was also written at the bottom of the letter. Her husband found it the morning of June 8 on his windshield and notified police.
It's strange that these bombs were set off over a week ago, and this is the first mention. Also, it's strange that the article makes out these bombings as nothing special, and nothing to be worried about.

The charge of Anti-Semitism is rarely leveled against those who attack Orthodox Jews. Likewise, attacks against Catholics are also ignored, because "they deserve it". These are bombs folks! Shouldn't these be considered hate crimes? Or can you only commit a hate crime against a politically correct oppressed class?

University City is an inner-ring suburb of Saint Louis, Missouri, and is named after Washington University.

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