Saturday, June 10, 2006

Photos of Saint Ambrose Church, in Saint Louis, Missouri

Here are photos of Saint Ambrose Church in Saint Louis, Missouri. It is the parish church of the "Hill" neighborhood, a place that retains much of its Italian immigrant flavor, with many excellent restaurants and tiny, but well-kept homes.

The church was built in 1926 out of brick and terra cotta, and was inspired by San Ambrogio Church in Milan, Italy, and is in the Lombard-Romanesque style.

A number of churches in the area, dating from the early 20th century, are decorated with terra cotta, which is an unglaized pottery material.

Saint Ambrose of Milan, Italy, (ca. 340–397) is one of the Latin Fathers of the Church, and was instrumental in the conversion of Sant Augustine.

Italian immigrants started moving here in the 1890s. For a while, they attended the nearby Saint Aloyisius Gonzaga church (started in 1892, now destroyed) which was a German parish.

Il Pensiero, an Italian-language newspaper, is available at business throughout the neighborhood.

"This place is holy"

Fatima shrine.

This school.

130 Wilson Avenue
St Louis, Missouri 63110


  1. Thanks to Paul H. for pointing out my mistake on naming the Fatima shrine!

  2. I visited the church after having breakfast on 11/15/19 at Chris's Restaurant on " the Hill". This is a beautiful Church and neighborhood. I am a photographer and I plan to return to the area in May 1920 to take photos of the beautiful church and learn more about the neighborhood.