Thursday, June 22, 2006

A New Religion

The Episcopal Church is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion, headed by the Archbishop of Canterbury; the Church of England is a part of the communion and is headed by Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, who also appoints the Archbishop. The Anglican Church changed its name in the United States to "Episcopalian" after the American Revolution, and was at one time the largest denomination in the nation: now it is less than 1% of the population, and is dropping sharply.

The Anglican Church was founded by King Henry VIII, after unsuccessfully getting a decree of annulment of marriage from the Pope. Through threats and the use of force, the King removed his nation from the Catholic Church, even though he faced nearly universal opposition by his advisors, bishops, and the people..

The Anglican Communion has a loose creed, and there is wide divergence of practice. And one end are the Anglo-Catholics; who have a Catholic theology and a very English art style; many of these are actually becoming Catholic. The Catholic Church has a provision for married Anglican priests and also for retaining much of the Anglican liturgy. At the other end of the Anglican Communion is what must truthfully be called a new religion, which has redefined the word "Christian". The governing body of the Episcopal Church has been taken over by the progressives, and they are changing the organization in horrible ways.

See the article: HOD Upholds Discharge of Resolution D058 on the Uniqueness of Christ
By 578 to 242 the House of Deputies refuses to consider, resolution D058 entitled, "Salvation in Christ Alone"
(Found through Dawn Eden)

They call themselves Christian but they repudiate Christ.

One of the most famous Anglicans of the 20th-century was the philosopher C. S. Lewis, who defined "Mere Christianity" as what has been believed by nearly all Christians in all times and places. The leadership of the Episcopalians do not retain even the "mere" form of Christianity: instead they are reconstructed pagans, who sacrifice their infants in the fiery furnace of the altar of Moloch.

Recently a local Episcopal diocese ordained three new priests, all of them women, and one of whom was a practicing witch.

The other day the Episcopal Church elected Katharine Jefferts Schori as the primate, or leader of the U.S. church, the very first time a woman has been elected to that role. The ordaining of women as bishops is quite recent, and Schori has very little experience in church leadership or even pastoring. However, she is very practiced in following political correctness. She supports homosexual unions, abortion, euthanasia, the practice of pagan spiritualities, and supports the ordination of practicing homosexuals. She even refered to "mother Jesus". She was born and raised Catholic, being taken out of the Church by her parents at age eight.

She narrowly won via a split in the vote: she had six male opponents. Women are often crucial cogs in pushing political correctness: most men, myself included, will never strongly oppose a woman out of a sense of chivalry, and so can get away with far more than another male could.

As a result, the Episcopalians will be further split, and many souls could be lost because they won't leave the church where they grew up, but their minds will be poisoned. Why should the Catholic Church practice ecumenism with these people? Instead, evangelization and conversion is need now, and quickly.

Christ, indeed, welcomed many into his discipleship, including drunks, thieves, and prostitutes, and he did not welcome the self-righteous Pharisees. However, he said "Your sins are forgiven, go and sin no more". Apparently, the leadership of the Episcopal Church no longer believe in sin.

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