Thursday, August 17, 2006

Photos of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis

This is the Blessed Sacrament chapel at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis. As is common and traditional in many large pilgrimage churches or cathedrals, the Blessed Sacrament is here reserved away from the main altar.

This first photo was taken December 15, 2005; the others were taken July 14, 2006.

Click on any photo for a larger version.

The altar with tabernacle.

The altar from the side. All of the side-chapels in the cathedral are open on one side. This photo was taken from the ambulatory around the sanctuary. It is at this point that clergy genuflect when walking to the sacristry.

The crucifix.

The tabernacle.

One of two sanctuary lamps.

Window next to the altar with statue of angel.

View of one of the angels. The depiction of angels with wings is mainly conventional, symbolizing speed, since they are creatures of pure intellect, without body. However, the divinely inspired Ark of the Covenant in the Old Testament was specifically decorated with cherubim with wings.

Ceiling of the chapel. Gold is a traditional Byzantine representation of the light of the Transfiguration, and is widely used in Eastern Christian iconography.

Arches on the side of the chapel. A key color used for these mosaics is blood red, symbolizing Christ's blood. My camera has difficulties with the color red, so it may not be reproduced properly here. Most of the other colors shown here are pretty accurate.

The Lamb of God.

Mosaics on the wall of the chapel depicting the Eucharist and the priesthood.


  1. Someday, you'll have to publish a book of your pictures. They're beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. Dear Argent,

    You are very welcome.

    I am still looking for work, so if you know of any publishers or literary agents who may be interested, please let me know.

    Re-work of many of the photos using Photoshop is needed to make them printable, and an updated camera with better resolution would probably be needed to make full-sized coffee-book photos. Under ideal situations, my camera can make decent 8x10 inch prints, but that may not be good enough for a quality book. Oh, and tons of other photo equipment (especially lighting) and a more powerful computer would be nice to have, too. Donations of equipment would be appreciated!

    Finally, it would be good to get offical episcopal approval for this project.