Monday, December 04, 2006


THIS IS TAKEN FROM THE ARTICLE If not Ecône..., Constantinople?... at Rorate cæli:
Some interesting words from an exclusive interview of Patriarch Bartholomeus with the semi-official daily of the Italian Episcopal Conference, Avvenire:

This morning's speeches and the joint declaration that you have undersigned sounded "lofty" and certainly promising. You have even spoken of the future, regarding the [future] steps?

Regarding this, I can say that I have spoken to His Holiness about something, something we can do. I have made him an offer that I cannot yet talk about, while we wait for an official response in this sense; however, I can say that His Holiness displayed great interest and welcomed the offer favorably. We hope that it can be accomplished, because it truly follows the prospects of that ecumenical progress which, as we have affirmed and even written in the Joint Declaration, we both are determined to pursue.
The Ecumenical Patriarch has made the Pope an offer? This is interesting news. The Patriarchate is nearly extinct, thanks to Turkish government policies, and is canonically important as the leader, at least in honor, of the Orthodox Churches.

HERE is a translation of the interview in English.

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