Saturday, June 02, 2007

"Children without sex is what the future holds, claims inventor of the Pill"

Children without sex is what the future holds, claims inventor of the Pill, says an article.
"This would be a way of helping to reduce the number of unwanted children. Every child born to a woman who has taken a conscious decision to have a child at that time would be wanted and loved and properly cared for."
We've heard this promise before, isn't it getting tiresome?

What will almost certainly happen otherwise is one of these two scenarios:

1) A totalitarian state, like China, will continue to severely restrict childbirth, and will require this new form of reproductive technology for new births. Reproductive technology is imposed by force.

2) Social democracies, like the European Union, will provide financial and legal incentives to use the new reproductive technologies. A coordinated effort by education, the media, business, judiciary, and science, will condition the population to accept these technologies as the norm, and to reject natural reproduction as old fashioned and dangerous.

Both of these systems are gravely immoral, and will arrive at the same goal via different means. Both systems will suffer extreme unforeseen consequences of the new technologies.

In our current society, abortion is used as a backup to failed contraception. Proponents of the new reproductive technologies may even promote their universal use — along with sterilization — and will say that it is good since it reduces abortion!

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