Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Photos of the Sacristy at Saint Francis de Sales Oratory

HERE ARE PHOTOS of the newly-restored sacristy at Saint Francis de Sales Oratory, in Saint Louis, Missouri, local home of the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest.

Fr. Karl Lenhardt, Rector of the Oratory, told me that the decorative painting is inspired by the Gothic chapel, la Sainte-Chappelle, in Paris, constructed by Saint Louis IX.

Biretta and vestments. This furniture is newly-installed here. The tile floor is new, but is not quite finished yet, and construction dust covers everything.

A sacristy (which comes from the Latin word for sacred) is where the priest vests for Mass, and where the vestments and items used on the altar are kept.

Traditional vestments.


  1. I have no idea how I landed on your blog, but it's glorious! One of the most beautiful Catholic places in the world is the church in St. Louis with the mosaics. I was transported to heaven when I visited there!

    I invite you to listen to my Catholic podcast, either on your computer or iPod! We have a neat Catholic conversation every week, and the best part is that a lot of our Protestant brethren are tuning in and commenting.

    I'll have to bookmark your site so I can make my way back.

  2. Oops, not sure my site linked from my name.......if you're interested, you can find us at!

  3. Mark, nice photos, as usual. I have been to Sainte Chapelle twice in my life, and if anyone goes to Paris without visiting it, they should have their sanity checked.

    The sacristy is reminiscent of the lower chapel of Sainte Chapelle, where the commoners worshipped. The upper chapel is where the Crown of Thorns was housed, and home to those glorious stained glass windows.

    As an aside, I assume that you will photograph the Institute ordinations next Friday. Is there any chance that I could post a couple of photos, with a link of course, on the follow up story I'll do? I could take my own photos but you know they couldn't be as good. It should be a great day.

  4. The painting of the safe with the red & fleur-de-lis was a nice "Institute-type" touch.

  5. Excellent. beautiful. I wish this were the norm, instead of the exception, as it is today.

  6. Doing things beautifully is simply a matter of the will. Forget fashion, forget the status quo, forget the attitude that "no one can do that", and most certainly, forget the feeling that the modern style is inevitable.