Thursday, June 21, 2007

Speakers in Need of a Venue

We have two Catholic speakers in search of a venue to speak.

Greg, a correspondent from Huston, writes:
Later in August, a vatican mosaic studio trained professional mosaicist and professor will be visiting the US and staying with me and my family in the St Louis area. Do you know of any organization or group that would like to have him speak (free) about ecclesiastic mosaics and art history there in St Louis? I have had him speak here in Texas. Crowds in Austin, Dallas, Houston at churches, italian groups, galleries and universities have loved him.
Also, Dawn Eden, a Catholic blogger and authoress of a successful book on chastity, has told me that she would be interested in speaking in Saint Louis, if she would be invited by a group.

There is a need for lectures such as these in town, but successful events need strong publicity, which is sometimes lacking.


  1. I would try St Francis de Sales Oratory for the mosaic person. They are fold of art history and religious art and might consider hosting him.

  2. If either of these speakers is open to teleconferencing, I'd love to have them speak to our online student body; it's very simple to do - requires only a telephone. They can contact me through the school to make arrangements.

    God bless.

  3. There's a young adult group that I belong to which might be interested in hosting a talk by Dawn Eden in the fall. What would be required of the inviting group?

  4. Mark if it's not too late for details, I'd suggest your friend Greg contact Terry Dempsey, SJ who runs the Museum of Contemporary Religious Art.