Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saint Mary of Perpetual Help Church, in Moselle, Missouri.
Click photo for a larger version.


  1. Mark,

    This is such a great blog. I really appreciate the photos of all these churches, especially the out-of-the-way ones that most of us might never see. Your blog would make a great coffee table book.


  2. Thanks Kevin.

    If you know of a good coffe-table book publisher, let me know!

  3. Thanks for including St. Mary's in your blog. My ancestors built this church when they came to Missouri from Germany. They donated the land and I believe hand carved the tabernacle area. They named the area Moselle as it resembled their homeland of Germany along the Mosel river. I don't know if they still ring the bell, but they should. Coming from another German settlement, there is nothing more beautiful than the sound of a church-bell being rung over the countryside to call people to prayer.