Friday, April 25, 2008

National Borders to be Eliminated by EU

THE EUROPEAN Union was created specifically as a way of promoting peace in Europe. While originally seen as being a means of promoting good international relations via free trade, it now appears to be completely determined to centralize power and eliminate existing nationalities.

This map shows the boundaries of a proposed new legislative assembly; England and France are to be eliminated. Generally, all of the EU is to be divided into transnational zones which purposefully cross international borders. The original can be found at the Telegraph.

Haven't the Great Powers of Europe learned their lesson about the disasters that arise from arbitrarily drawing borders on the map?  Especially ones that either split nationalities, or force separate nations into the same state?  For example:

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Englishwoman Hilary White has a few comments about this plan.

Often you can help the cause of peace just by leaving people alone and allowing them to manage their own affairs.  Forcing diverse people to 'share' and to 'get along' is the strategy of Kindergarten teachers, but in the real world it causes civil wars.

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  1. Amazing how some commenters actually think this is a good idea.