Wednesday, April 02, 2008

One Year Anniversary

Lisa Lee Kacalieff and Mark Scott Abeln, in May 2005PLEASE PRAY for the repose of the soul of Lisa Lee Kacalieff, who left this life a year ago, in the early morning hours of April 3rd, 2007, which was the Tuesday of Holy Week.

Her death came after 40 years of juvenile diabetes, eventually leading to severe internal organ damage as well as a sharp decline in her senses, coordination, and great weakness.  Some of her problems were eventually untreatable, including her pain.  Her final months were of intense physical and psychological suffering, and her hours were often spent in intense, prolonged prayer.

As Catholics we know that suffering can be redemptive and purgatorial.  Lisa always treated me with utmost kindness and love, despite her pain.  May she rest in peace.

A porta inferi, erue, Domine, animam ejus.
Requiescat in pace.


  1. May God grant her rest and you His consolation.

  2. What does the Latin mean?

  3. I asked yesterday, but maybe you thought it was not serious. My last Latin class was in 1966. I asked what the Latin, "a porta inferi, erue, Domine, animam ejus," meant. I know the last sentence means may she rest in peace. Does the first sentence mean "from the gate of hell, Lord, lead her soul?" The question is sincere.

  4. You are right, although I may have gotten the gender wrong. These phrases are responses from the Office of the Dead in the liturgy.