Saturday, December 27, 2008

Good News - Bad News

THE GOOD news is that it is warmer outside of my house than inside! Saint Louis weather is so very variable, that it is possible to get spring weather in December. It is nice to have a reprieve from sub-freezing weather.  According to Wikipedia: 
"St. Louis lies on the border between humid continental climate (Koppen climate classification Dfa) and humid subtropical climate (Koppen climate classification Cfa), and has neither large mountains nor large bodies of water to moderate its temperature. Both cold Canadian Arctic air and hot, humid tropical air from the Gulf of Mexico affect the region."
The bad news is that we have a tornado warning. Continuing from the Wikipedia article:
"St. Louis usually experiences thunderstorms on the average 48 days a year. Especially in the spring, these storms can often be severe, with high winds, large hail and tornadoes. St. Louis has been affected on more than one occasion by particularly damaging tornadoes."
Click here for photos of the Great Cyclone of '96, a tornado that caused enormous misery and destruction in Saint Louis and surrounding areas back in 1896.

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