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News from the Oratory

From Saint Francis de Sales Oratory:

Saint Francis de Sales Oratory

2653 Ohio Avenue

Saint Louis, Missouri 63118




23  December  2008   


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On the occasion of this year’s feast of the Nativity of Our Blessed Lord I wish you in the name of  the St. Francis de Sales Oratory and all its members a blessed and joyful Christmas!


We are all very much humbled by the numerous acts of generous support, friendship and genuine piety we witnessed during the time of Advent.  Many Catholics, both from St. Louis and even far beyond, showed their fervor and loyalty to the Infant King, soon to be born again into this cold world. How inspiring that even in bad weather, the faithful in great numbers attended the sacred liturgy and received sacramental absolution in our confessionals.


In the name of the Prior General, Monsignor Gilles Wach, the Vicar General and Provincial Superior in the US, Monsignor Michael Schmitz, all priests, oblates, seminarians and Sister Adorers of our beloved Institute, I thank you from all of my heart for your hard work, incessant prayers and many sacrifices by which our work at the Oratory was made possible throughout this last year. 


I invite you to come to our Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve (December 24), at 12:00 AM, preceded by half an hour(11:30pm) of beautiful traditional Christmas carols sung by our fine choir. We are especially privileged to have this solemn liturgy accompanied by the Schubert Mass in G with orchestra.


Allow me again to draw your attention to our public awareness campaign “Tradition for Tomorrow” (  With this we wish to inform a broad audience in the St. Louis area of the necessary restoration of our church, and share with them the many exciting things going on at the Oratory. More and more it is becoming obvious that the anchor of the Fox Park neighborhood  in South Saint Louis is St. Francis de Sales Oratory.


In the night sky the 300 foot tower of St. Francis de Sales is now visible: We have illuminated the top part of the steeple and its beauty can now be seen even by night over many miles. As you approach St. Francis de Sales you will see that our church is inviting you to kneel down at the crèche of our Lord: “Venite adoremus” – come and let us adore Him!


With my best wishes for a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year,


Canon Michael K. Wiener

Rector St. Francis de Sales Oratory

Episcopal Pro-Delegate



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