Thursday, December 04, 2008

Papist Errors

ONE OF MY POSTS is linked by a website that seeks to prove that Catholics worship the Blessed Virgin Mary, in particular by mentioning my photo of an altar to Mary. Silly me, I should have taken a photo of the altar of Saint Joseph, located on the other side of the church. That would have confused them!


  1. It is simply amazing how protestants fall back on this "Catholics Pray to Mary" deal...what part of "Holy Mary Mother of God PRAY for us sinners" don't they get????

  2. Puma, Puma, please chill. Caritas!

    Few protestants can repeat the "Hail Mary".

  3. Irene, most protestants at least evangelicals think/believe Jesus talks to them regularly! My reply to my evangelical friends is "so tell me does he sound italian??? hehe! ( I am smiling!)