Wednesday, April 01, 2009


The Merton Chapel, located on the banks of the River des Peres in south St. Louis. This tiny but innovative church won numerous design awards.

APRIL FOOLS - This is a wastewater pumping station.


  1. Or maybe it is a wastewater pumping station, owned by the Metropolitan Sewer District.

    Happy April 1st!

  2. the bright side of this picture, it is a public stucture in St.Louis that has not been tagged!

  3. Any interior photos? Is this chapel part of anything (school, etc.) or is it simply a devotional place of its own?

  4. Of course I took this seriously and wanted to know more about it. Google was no help. Assume you are making fun of Thomas Merton? In his defense, I'm rereading Seven Storey Mountain right now and there is so much good in it. I even worked it into a post on the Reiki document.

  5. I've heard nothing but good about "Seven Storey Mountain", however, he was going off the deep end by the end of his life.

    And yes, it is a wastewater pumping station, and it was on April Fools Day. The posting is tagged with "humor".

  6. Haha. I agree with Patrick. I don't much agree with your mocking of Merton. He's led many a good soul to the Church.

    As to your claim that "he was going off the deep end by the end of his life" - I would assume you are speaking of his interest in Eastern religions.

    I don't think his interest in inter-faith development and exploration into Eastern spirituality would qualify your claim in the least bit. Merton was very much an intellectual, and his work in these areas falls squarely into his role as a monastic academic.

  7. So you agree that it was an effective prank?

    I considered many names for my little pseudo-chapel, and settled on this one as being the most ambiguous as well as most the absurdly plausible.

    By no means am I saying that Merton was a heretic.

  8. Hey
    That "chapel" is down the street for me. Lots of praying every spring occurs there.

  9. Especially during the spring flooding, no doubt!