Thursday, April 09, 2009

Mystery Saint

A CORRESPONDENT ASKS if anyone can identify this statue.

He writes:
“We believe the statue in the attached picture is a depiction of St. Casimir (it is a Polish Church). The wood pedestal it stands on has “SK” engraved on it for possibly a Polish spelling of Casimir (Kazimierz). The only reason for us to believe the statue might be a different saint is that he is holding a palm, and not a lily, as I have seen in other Casimir statues.”
Does anyone have any ideas?


  1. At first glance I thought it was St. Louis. Ask the people over at Fr. Z's place.

  2. the palm is the symbol of a martyr...doesn't that leave out Casimir and St. Louis?

  3. look at the statue in St John Nepomuk Chapel of Ste Ludmilla, note the same green palm is this a younger St. Wenseslaus?

  4. The palm is puzzling. Everything else, including the fact that this is a Polish parish, points to Casimir.

  5. Do you think it might be St. Alban? He can be depicted with a sword and palm.