Monday, August 10, 2009

Art Exhibit — "Madonnas from Around the World"

From a correspondent:
Cathedral of St. Peter, Belleville

An INTERNATIONAL DISPLAY of "Madonnas from Around the World" open to the public from 2 PM to 8 PM.

Included are an impressive Baroque Assumption from the 1600's ... fascinating figures from India, Japan and China ... a Bavarian hand-carved Immaculate Conception ... an exquisite Mary in glass from Italy ... and over 40 others. Display by The Marian Library / through the Pontifical Theological Faculty
Marianum, Rome.

Admission free to adults and children. The exhibit is part of the Cathedral's "Summerfest 2009."

Cathedral information: 618-234-1166.

Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saint Peter, in Belleville, Illinois, USA - nave

The Belleville Cathedral is a remarkable church; this two-year old photo is a view taken from the newer end of the nave, looking past the central sanctuary, towards the back. Click here for my old photos of the cathedral.

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