Monday, December 28, 2009

Photo of the Cathedral Basilica

Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA - view from west in snow

Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis. The machinery in the foreground is from the recent demolition of buildings on that lot.


  1. What is the small building next to the Cathedral? Also was there any historic value to the building that was demolished?

  2. The round white-and-green building directly in front of the Cathedral is the Archdiocesan chancery building, while the one on the left is the school, and the one on the right is the rectory.

    The empty lot was the site of what was originally the de Ville Motor Hotel, built in 1962, and later an archdiocesan nursing home. For a long time, many people thought of that building as ugly and out-of-date, but when it was slated for demolition, many called for preservation. Lots of buildings from the 1950s to early 1960s are now being demolished, much to the concern of historical preservation groups.

  3. The de Ville Motor Hotel was not just historically significant, it was structurally sound and in all ways more useful to the city than a surface parking lot.

    This demolition was and has been the rallying cry for St. Louis Preservationists for some time now. It is certainly one of the best documented demolitions of the decade... Although the loss of the Century Building downtown certainly wins the prize for the most horrible event in the 21st century in St. Louis (to me).

  4. Oh please. I invite anyone to google photos of the de Ville Motor Hotel. Ugly as sin and certainly no loss. We don't need any monuments to post-modern architecture. It was ugly then and is ugly now. Preservations lose credibility by insisting on saving buildings that were ugly and forgettable the day they opened.

  5. Wonders where the St. Louis Preservationists are when other historic homes and buidings are torn down...
    Or indeed why the Board of Ed greenhouses were torn down with some lovely fountains to put up cookie cutter houses.

    And how was it more useful to the city? Don't we have abandoned structurally sound buildings all over the place?

    I'm glad the most horrible event of the 21rst century has already happened for you. It can only go up from here...

  6. Okay I took your challenge and googled it. I've seen that style of building a dime a dozen. It reminded me of the Projects actually when I first saw it...