Monday, March 08, 2010

Saint Joseph Church in Clayton

Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church, in Clayton, Missouri, USA - nave

The nave of Saint Joseph Church, in Clayton, Missouri.


  1. St Joseph's has a wonderful stained-glass window of the Flight into Egypt (north side of the church). Mary is wrapping her body protectively around that of the infant Jesus. If you have a great photograph of that, please post it! My amateur attempt did not do it justice. (Actually the phone associated with my Google account is a cropped version of it)

  2. Jean,

    I did see that window, and it is very nice. I didn't take more pictures here because there were other worshipers (in the back pews, not seen in my photo) and I didn't want to disturb them more than I already did.

  3. Mark, thanks for posting back. I stayed after noon Mass one day to get my photo. And thanks for the great blog! Jean