Friday, March 05, 2010

"what you really need is not a polemic but rather prayer"

SEE THE ARTICLE A Too-Brief Lenten Tribute to Fr. Urban Schnaus by Jeffrey Tucker at the New Liturgical Movement:
...Before I was Catholic I used to go hear him say Mass and chant. I recorded it on a tape player and listened all week. I didn't believe in this strange religion going on. I just liked his chant, which was beautiful even if weak (he was old).

Finally one day I visited him at St. Anselm's. I peppered him with hostile questions about this religion he practiced. He put his hood on his head and took me on a long walk in the gardens. We talked about nothing in particular: flowers, geography, the sun, the moon, the stars, growing up, pitch relationships, soil fertility, the weather, you name it. Finally we walked back and he said goodbye.

I said, "but Father, you didn't even answer any of my questions about Catholicism!"

He said, "oh yes, that. Well, I think what you really need is not a polemic but rather prayer...."
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