Sunday, February 26, 2006

Accusations of Misused Money Roil Orthodox Church

See the article: Accusations of Misused Money Roil Orthodox Church.

In churches and in life in general, large monetary donations are always welcome. But the love of money corrupts.

Two things can be used to avoid problems like this: poverty and subsidiarity.

An organization short on money will often seek to do more with less. It's easy to throw money at problems, as do the government schools of the City of Saint Louis, but how much more can be done when individuals, with charity, act on these problems?

Also, there is the tendency to fund-raise and pay for charities at the highest level possible: it's efficient, some claim. But huge amounts of money act as temptation for corruption and leads also to institutional bloat and inertia. Giving money, in small amounts, at a local level, meets needs directly and discourages these problems.

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