Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Website of Fr. Michael Witt

Fr. Michael Witt, host of the show Modern Church History on Covenant Network, has a website, where you can download audio recordings of his show.

At this time, eighty episodes are online (minus episode 79, which is broken). It starts with the beginning of the end of Medieval Christendom, in 1274, when all of Western Europe was Catholic, monasteries and universities were large and growing, cities were prosperous, and the Church and State cooperated with each other.

But in that year the giants of medieval thinking, St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Bonaventure died, and within a couple decades there were no more saints. This was followed by 11 popes in 25 years, and a lack of continuity in the Church. The Black Death totally wiped out many religious orders; and the serious study of philosophy was ended for centuries. Formerly, whenever a crisis threatened the Church, there was a great reform that restored Christendom: but not this time. Instead, the dual opposed forces of the Enlightenment and Reformation started, becoming the Modernism in which we live today. Modernism opposes faith against reason, and church against state.

The latest episodes are on Islamic Jihadism and the Iranian Nuclear threat; but ends with a new hope.

Original episodes are broadcast on these Saint Louis radio stations:

WRYT 1080 AM
KHOJ 1460

Live streaming broadcasts are available over the Internet, from the Covenant Network website:


  1. Site looks good, but his quote should be Qui me amat, amat me et canem meam.

  2. Love these radio programs! They are very informative with lots of interesting tidbits here and there.

    Thanks Fr. Witt!

  3. I knew Brother Michael Witt at CBC high school in the 70’s when he was a teacher and I a student. When most of the other brothers left their calling to get married, he dug in and became a priest. Then a war games club moderator, now an accomplished historian. I love your shows.