Wednesday, February 01, 2006

More From Urban Renewal - St. Louis

See the article New Urbanism and the Christian Faith from Steve Patterson's website Urban Renewal - St. Louis.

The article discusses a book linking Christianity and New Urbanism—an urban redesign movement that seeks the design of compact, walkable cities, which is closely linked with the Traditionalist Architecture movement.

I agree with much of what the New Urbanism seeks to do: make compact, walkable neighborhoods with corner retail shops, and a friendly attitude. However, New Urbanism is based on the philosophy of Existentialism, which can get very ugly and is incompatible with Catholic Christianity. I need to do more research on this.

Read anything about urbanism in the United States one hundred years ago, and the cities seem like nightmares. I hope that those who want a return to the city keep this in mind.

Urban Renewal is an information-packed website, full of details of new real estate development in the city, including articles about the soon-to-be-destroyed St. Aloysius church. Mr. Patterson is often angry, however, which is a mild destraction from his otherwise excellent writing.

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