Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"The Baroque Qwik-E-Mart Artistically Considered"

See the article The Baroque Qwik-E-Mart Artistically Considered over at the Shrine of the Holy Whapping.

Why can't a gas station be beautiful? Back many decades, some gas stations were even quite charming.


  1. There was actually a gothic gas station here in Toledo. Very nice. I'll have to try to post a picture.

  2. Would you like gothic with your unleaded? http://www.oldwestendtoledo.com/owepostcards/paragongasolene.jpg

  3. Marcus, down here in the South, we have gas stations that are designed in the Colonial Williamsburg style. But you find them where the tourists go. We local yokels get the same old ugly utilitarian look.