Thursday, July 20, 2006


An unexpected and violent thunderstorm ripped though the Saint Louis area last evening, causing widespread damage with hurricane-force winds. Half a million electrical customers lost power, while temperatures are expected to be around 100 degrees F.

It was a hot, sunny day, with the air calm and humid. I went into a grocery store to purchase two items: when I got out about ten minutes later, the sky was black and it looked like it was dusk. Fast winds came from the northeast, which is remarkable, since winds prevail from the west. I went to a friends house nearby, since I was not able to get back home before the storm would hit. Winds became tremendous, and irregular: I could not determine from which direction they came, for it was chaotic. I heard an explosion, and then the neighborhood went dark; then another explosion occured nearby: these were most likely electrical tranformers blowing up.

A radio report said that my neighborhood "looked like a war zone". After the storm passed, I hurried back. There was widespread damage to trees and signs, and thankfully, only an awning blew off of my house

The loss of electricity is irregular, so there are patches of electricty to be found. Businesses that have power are packed full of people, seeking food and air conditioning. I visited a pharmacy, which was open but without power: the pharmacists must be commended for continuing to fill prescriptions by flashlight.

It may be several days before the power is fully restored. Since we are in the middle of a heat-wave, this will be very difficult for many.

See the article: Storms cut power, snap trees, topple trucks across region


  1. I sympathize with your plight, since I live in hurricane alley. Hope things are set to right soon. Wish I could send you some of the cooling winds we're getting today.

  2. Thanks.

    I still don't have electricity, but fortunately there was little damage to my house.