Saturday, July 15, 2006

"Bribery At Border Worries Officials"

A proposed solution to the illegal immigration problem is to increase the number of border patrols and inspectors. But see this article: Bribery At Border Worries Officials.
"The smugglers have binoculars and spotters, you name it," said James Wong, who heads the Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Office of Professional Responsibility in San Diego, which investigates corruption allegations. "They scan the line looking for a weak inspector, someone, for example, who likes to flirt with women. And then they will send a test person, a chatty female. She shows up and says, 'My friend needs to visit a doctor, but she doesn't have papers, can you help?' They will get friendly, and before you know it, they own the employee."
So, if any inspector can let in someone without papers, then more inspectors mean more weak inspectors. And, if more inspectors are working at a border crossing, then that means people can be processed faster, due to shorter waiting lines, leading to an increase in illegal immigration!

The illegal immigration problem is at its root a moral problem, but that isn't being addressed by those in authority.

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