Friday, February 09, 2007

"DeSmet thieves take money from needy kids"

SEE THE ARTICLE DeSmet thieves take money from needy kids
Although the thieves struck at an exclusive high school in Creve Coeur, their victims are children in Central America.

That's the word today from Greg Densberger, principal of DeSmet Jesuit High School, at 233 North Ballas Road.

Sometime on the weekend of Jan. 27-28, the thieves got away with almost $8,000 raised at a dance on the night of Jan. 26.

The dance proceeds were meant for Jesuit missions in Honduras and Belize, in Central America.

"They stole the money from the missions," Densberger said. "It was meant for things like a nutrition center in Honduras and for schools in Belize and Honduras. Most of it was supposed to go to children. It wasn't going to DeSmet."

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