Saturday, February 24, 2007

New German Plan to Increase Childrens' Daycare

CHRIS GILLIBRAND POSTED two articles on a controversy starting in Germany between Bishop Dr. Walter Mixa of Augsburg and the German government.

See the article, Bishop criticises family policy in Germany:
[Bishop Mixa] has criticised Family Minister van der Leyen’s plans to enormously extend children’s nursery places from 250,000 to 750,000 by the year 2013...

He called them “harmful for children and families and one sided” concentrating an active increase in working mothers with small children. The Bishop said that it was “a socio-political scandal” to cut other family allowances in order to finance new crèche facilities. “Frau van der Leyen’s family policy does not serve in the first instance the welfare of the child or the strengthening of the family but is solely concerned to recruit young women as workforce reserves for industry”...

Two income families have been elevated to an ideological fetish by the Christian Democratic Union Minister van der Leyen. Those who seduce mothers to leave their children shortly after birth to place them in state-run nurseries and support this with state subsidy, they degrade the women to become a “baby making machine”...
The Socialist response is quite obnoxious, but the policy of having women work, with children being raised by the State, is a cornerstone of Communist and Socialist policy. What is quite disturbing is that this policy is now taken up by so-called conservatives, because it is good for the economy. See Chris' article where the Socialist Party head "compares Bishop Mixa to a castrated cat for his comments on family policy."
"When the cat no longer can, he can still give advice." Not even the Nazis would have used such grotesque language in public to a senior cleric.

What will become of Germany?
Having women work is seen as good by both business and the government, because it greatly increases the labor pool and therefore also increases revenue.

It also tends to reduce the birthrate, especially if daycare is subsidized, strongly encouraged, or made compulsary. Also, under this system, it encourages childbearing among those women who do not have much maternal attachment, which further weakens family life.

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