Friday, February 09, 2007

Winter Photos

When the land is locked in ice,
and the bitter northern wind
freezes all that it touches;
some are impelled to flee here,
and head for sunnier climes.
The Winter sky's cruelest joke
is to make blue skies frigid,
and warm days drab overcast.

But if some are brave enough
to seek out God's Creation,
even on a Winter day,
they are most sure to behold
what most will never enjoy.
Dressing most very warmly,
and with a good pair of boots,
they will see what is hidden.

Beyond the dull gray and brown,
are bright flashes of color,
and endless vistas of land,
normally hidden by leaves;
and a sky so pure and blue.
Even with overcast skies,
a profound winter quiet
will inspire a prayer.

For in the depths of Winter,
you might see animal tracks
preserved in the fallen snow,
or the color of a bird,
who did not migrate away,
or notice the swelling buds
upon the barren brown trees,
or even a rare flower.

In this hemisphere we wait
for the coming of the Spring.
This restoration of life
is a symbol of Easter.
So while we suffer in Lent
in reparation for sin,
just remember the new life
that our dear Lord covenants.

Leftover blocks of 'Meramec Bluestone', a kind of limestone.

Photos taken at the Meramec Highlands Quarry, which was abandoned over a century ago, and is now a public park in Kirkwood, Missouri.

Animals normally unseen still leave tracks in the snow.

This cardinal is a cheerful red.

Evergreen leaves are nearly hidden by snow and leaf clutter.

Sycamore and gumball trees are instantly recognizable in Winter.

This branch reveals its life by its buds.

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