Friday, February 23, 2007

A Strange Virus - UPDATE

There is a strange virus going around lately...nurses say that the doctors have no idea what it is, and pharmacists say that their prescription volume is now tremendous.

Symptoms include a hoarse cough, dizziness, and general wooziness, including memory loss.

Anyone been suffering from this?
This is actually a bacterial infection of the sinuses, treatable with antibiotics. As the infection goes into the inner ear, it causes lack of balance and dizziness. I've been told that this is a minor epidemic.


  1. Yes, I suffered from hearing your viral voice when we ate Hodak's. Get well soon.

  2. Except for the memory loss, it sounds like what I suffered from last fall. I'm 150 miles west of you, next to the home of the 1985 World Series Champions. I had a terrible cough and was on antibiotics for about 2 weeks. I lost my voice that last week.