Sunday, March 04, 2007

Photo of Saint Joseph Croatian Church, in Saint Louis, Missouri

Saint Joseph Croatian Catholic Church, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA - exteriorPhoto of Saint Joseph Croatian Catholic Church, located in the Soulard neighborhood of Saint Louis. It is staffed by Franciscans of the Order of Friars Minor. Masses in Croatian are offered at 10:00 a.m. Sundays. This former synagogue started offering Mass for Croatian immigrants in 1906.


  1. That's my old parish! I went to grade school there in the 1960's It was a poor parish but make no mistakes, the nuns (Sisters of the Precious Blood) did a great job of teaching us. Thanks for the photo.

  2. Hi there. Fascinating history of St. Joseph's. The church itself was once a Jewish Synagogue. The parish was once Ursuline Convent and Novitiate. The Sisters of the Most Precious Blood taught at the school and they were my first teachers in 1947-1952 at the former St. Domenico Orphans Home in University City. There are photos of the schoolchildren and Sisters from about 1920 but not able to post them. Thank you for this. Patrick Genna, Portland, Oregon

    1. Very interesting. That is my parish and my father came from Croatia two years after the second world war. He died this late August. I was a member of the Croatian Junior tampereitson's there and played danced and sang Yugoslavian music. I was baptized there and I sang on the choir every morning including Saturday and Sunday. I went to grade school there. I was trying to find something out because I had a debate with someone on Facebook. There is a girl that lives across the street from there and she insist that the nuns lived in the convent until about 3 years ago. I left there in seventh grade because my parents moved and it was too far to walk. Anyway, I know that that school closed down not even a few years after I left and the nuns didn't stay much longer after that and she insisted that the nuns have lived there all this time up until 3 years ago. I cannot find any information on this. I know for more than 10 years the school and the convent has been sold to a private business by the archdiocese. If you could come up with any information on this I would greatly appreciate it. My email is below