Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"Please don't kill me, I'm Catholic"

SEE THE ARTICLE Please don't kill me, I'm Catholic, over at The Devout Life:
Ah, the glories and wonders of the modern medical establishment. We need to carry cards around that say, "Being killed by hospital staff is against my religious belief and I ask that I not be murdered by deliberate dehydration as part of my freedom of religious expression."
Also see the article New Trend in Organ Donation Raises Questions:
The number of kidneys, livers and other body parts surgeons are harvesting through a controversial approach to organ donation has started to rise rapidly, a trend that is saving the lives of more waiting patients but, some say, risks sacrificing the interests of the donors.
By "sacrificing the interests of the donors", the writer actually means "killing the donors", for organ donors really aren't dead, and under the new system, could oftentimes otherwise be easily resuscitated.


  1. Actually, the whole brain death determination is not new. The Holy See has said that this is an okay way to determine death scientifically. The issue is how long do you wait to determine someone is dead. Obviously if you wait long enough so that the body begins decomposing, they're dead, but that's not a very practical definition.

  2. I think the "controversial approach" mentioned in the article was determining death if the heart stops beating, and in some cases, only after 75 seconds.

  3. Actually, brain death is controversial. This is because it simply is not death at all. This is why the Schiavo case was so heated. She was not dead and to starve her was unconscionable. For the same reason, you cannot exterminate someone to take their organs if they are "brain dead" simply because there is no such death. Organ donation under this guise is disallowed by Holy Mother Church. Don't buy the deception and most certainly, do not offer to be an organ donor, as this process is an immoral part of the culture of death and you could be next!

    The Church defines death as the separation of the soul from the body, period!