Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Jihadists are not merely battling for Iraq, but are fighting for the entire world."

SEE THE ARTICLE 9/11 and the Inconvenient Truths about Jihad and Islamism by Jeffrey Imm at Counterterrorism Blog:
But by ignoring the major strategic issues of fighting Jihad and addressing political Islamism, there are numerous convenient fictions contrary to our national security interests (e.g., denying Jihadist threats, misunderstanding Jihadist's ideological basis, monofocus on tactical and military debates) -- all of which ignore the uncomfortable, inconvenient truths and complexities about global Jihad and political Islamism. In effect, American policy and debate remains focused on tactical issues, without a clear agreement on the enemy, or the strategy to fight the enemy, in the world war.

This unwillingness to face the identity of the enemy is the source of our failures in foreign policy, our failures in national security, and our divisions at home. With an ambiguously defined "war on terror", the US media, politicians, and other citizens can define the war and the enemy with whatever political filter that they choose, and they do. This ambiguity is what empowers the Washington Post and the New York Times to give editorial coverage to Jihadist organization representatives.
The author is especially critical of American broadcast media for focusing on terrorism while avoiding the question of political Islam itself, perhaps out of a sense of "political correctness".
Jihadists are not merely battling for Iraq, but are fighting for the entire world.

"The Solution" as described in Osama Bin Laden's September 7 video is for the world to reject democracy and to convert to political Islamism. That is an inherent part of their political Islamist ideology, which the US still has no policy to address.

Until America develops a coherent strategy for fighting global Jihad and addressing political Islamism, we will not be prepared to fight that longer, larger war declared on America, regardless of our successes or failures in Iraq.

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