Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll Back On

SEE THE ARTICLE Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll Back On, at the KTVI News website:
By Roche Madden

(KTVI - -- "Sex, drugs and rock & roll" will take the stage Friday night after a Catholic priest gave his okay.

Thursday the St. Louis Archdiocese got a court order and stopped the curtain from going up after it learned the musical was going to be staged in the Ivory Theater.

The Ivory Theater is a former Catholic Church called St. Boniface.

As part of the sale the buyer had to agree that certain businesses like an abortion clinic or a tattoo parlor could not be housed inside the former church.

The deed also says live stage productions aimed at adult audiences were banned. The Archdiocese had concerns about the content of "Sex, drugs and rock & roll."

But, after a monsignor reviewed a 40 minute tape of some of the show he said it was okay to put on.

The theater owner says if he has any concerns about future plays he will consult with church leaders before putting the show on stage.

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