Thursday, September 10, 2009

Brookings Hall

Washington University, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA - Brookings Hall at night

Brookings Hall at Washington University in Saint Louis. Photo taken yesterday evening.

Constructed in 1900-1902 for the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, this building houses administrative offices of Washington University.


  1. more great photo's why do you suppose the light on the right is blue green verses the one on the left that is white. Different bulb types?

  2. There is a wide range of lighting types on this building. Based on their colors, I would guess that the front two lights are both fluorescent lamps, but of different types.

    The main lighting on the building is sodium vapor, which is uncorrectable in the camera, because it doesn't provide a full color spectrum.

    The lighting on the grass and trees in the foreground, and on the white sign to the right, is likely mercury vapor. I corrected the white balance of the photo to preserve these natural green colors.