Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"How to read a church"

Saint Peter Cathedral, in Belleville, Illinois, USA - view to side 2a

From the Cathedral of Saint Peter, in Belleville, Illinois:
Adult Faith Formation
at the Cathedral of St. Peter, Belleville


Three Thursday evenings in September at 7:00 PM

The great churches and cathedrals were originally built to be "read". They are alive with images and symbolism -- great and small -- all of which are packed with meaning. But today few people, from parishioners to pilgrims, truly understand the wealth of meaning in what they find there.

How to Read a Church is for those who want to know more about what they see in a church or cathedral : the significance of church layout ... the importance of the altar, the ambo, the font, the bishop's cathedra ...such details as the use of colors or patterns, the identity and significance of people and scenes, the symbolism of animals, plants, numbers, and letters ... the meaning of it all for us here and now ... and in the life of the world to come.

Presented by Father John Myler and Father Steven Beatty:
Thursday evening, September 10
"The Church Building and the Cross of Christ"

Thursday evening, September 17
"The Church Building and the People of God"

Thursday evening, September 24
"The Church Building and the New Jerusalem"

Adults, families, groups welcome to join us! Call 618-234-1166 for information.

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