Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Scholarships to Study in Rome, Italy

A CORRESPONDENT says that the British School at Rome is offering awards to artists and scholars who want to live in Rome, Italy.

Click here for a list of arts scholarships.

Most of these require British or Commonwealth citizenship or residency, and a few are open to citizens or residents of the United States. Willingness to learn Italian is required.

The school was founded in 1901 by royal charter and is under the patronage of Her Majesty the Queen.

Evoking images of the Grand Tour, English Nationalism, Imperialism, and now Postmodernism, this school appears to think that not much happened in the world between the years A.D. 313 and 1532, and so it perhaps could benefit from someone with a more catholic view of history.


  1. Britian...the land of Guy Fawkes Night!

  2. Mark, that's one of the main functions of the various "national institutes" in Rome: to offer visiting fellowships, with varying stipends that often include full housing in "campus". The American Academy is our unimaginatively named institute, but the campus is beautiful and the intellectual environment is stimulating, as it's designed to be: I visited them May 2004. One need not be an official scholar to apply, in fact they have slots for artists, architects, writers.